"JC's decades in the apparel industry ensures these masks have been designed, fine-tuned (including my family as test pilots) and manufactured for optimum performance and comfort, as opposed to just slapped into the market for a quick buck. Look good, feel good - wear a JC Mask"

— A. Adams

"We really love the masks we received, thank you."

— M. Clark

"The masks are comfortable and easy to clean. I bought some for my friends and me and we are all happy with them. "

— M. Fricker.

"I am a 90-year-old geezer and I wear my Black factory mask for the protection it gives me and others, and because I think it makes me look like a sexy swashbuckling pirate. "

— B. Woodward

"I use the masks while grocery shopping and they seem to make the store employees you interact with more comfortable around you. The masks are well made and comfortable to ware."

— M. Fisher

"The masks fit properly. Good material, especially on the inside."

— J. Sutton